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That 70s Show is an iconic 8-season television show loved by millions and deserves to have a larger stage presence.


Bring the That 70s Show to broadway by taking over New York City



The entire promotional campaign will include advertisements using 70s inspired patterns and imagery. Some of the assets incorporated will be a subway takeover and Times Square signage.

The Turnstyle Underground Market is a full city block featuring 39 unique eateries, shops and pop-ups all connected to Manhattan's 59th St. -Columbus Circle Station. That 70s Show – on Broadway will create a pop-up 1970s themed living room and will have photo-ops and chances to win tickets to the Broadway show.

Times Square ads will rotate character introductions for the cast of That’s 70s Show – on Broadway

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Your Parents’ Basement Posters

This is a promotional event that will set you back in time to the 1970s. The club will have multiple patterns and props set up around the venue with a wide variety of music from the 1970s playing throughout the night. The space will be cross between a nightclub and a lounge. Hosted by The Copacabana Times Square in New York City.

Your Parents’ Basement Aesthetics

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